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- 11am - Worship
Wednesday Nights
- 7PM - Youth & Adults


8878 Byrum’s Chapel Road
Portland, TN. 37148


Admin. Pastor

Welcome to Byram’s Chapel

We at Byram’s Chapel invite you to worship with us! No matter where you are at on life’s journey, you are welcome here! We are a bible based body of believers who are kingdom focused and humble hearted. As believers with individual relationships with Jesus, we have experienced the mercy and grace of a loving father, which motivates our mission.


An amalgamation of the Great Commission ( Matthew 22:37-40 ) and the Great Commandment ( Matthew 28:16-20 ), our mission has become the anthem of our congregation. It is the expression of a people who know we don't deserve anything, but owe everything to our Jesus. We love because He loved us first, We give because He gave it all, We have found the secret of life because He revealed Himself to be known.

We are an imperfect people who have found a perfect savior and strive to share Him with others. We come from different backgrounds, cultures, classes, and lifestyles, but we are unified in our calling towards Christ. As we have drawn closer to Christ, we have come to find that we become closer to each other. Our effort to show the supremacy of Christ compels others to join us on this journey, not to build a church, but to build up a kingdom.

God didn't leave us where He found us and though the journey can be tough He is faithful to see us though (Phillipians 1:6).

Come and walk with us.

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