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We would love to have you come experience Byram's Chapel for yourself and your family. In order to make your visit as comfortable as possible, here are a few descriptions of what you can expect on a typical Sunday morning at Byram's.

What is the schedule?
Sunday School - 9:30
Kingdom Connections - 10:30
Worship Service at - 11:00

Where do I go?
Visitors should enter through the left entrance under the awning. After you enter, you can proceed directly into the Main Sanctuary on your left. If you are planning on attending one of our Sunday School classes, you will use the glass doors on the right to access our Children's Sanctuary. Our Fellowship room is through the hallway on the other side of the Children's Sanctuary.

What should I bring?
If you own your own Bible, bring it. You'll use it at Byram's. If you don't have one, the scriptures are displayed on the large screen.

What kind of music do you sing?
We believe in a blend of contemporary worship songs and classic hymns. Our worship band enhances your worship experience through artful and appropriate use of instrumentation such as keyboard, guitars, drums, and percussion. You'll also find all of the words to our worship songs displayed on a screen to the right of the stage, so you'll be able to join in.

What is the service like?
A typical service at Byram's Chapel will begin with fervent worship, which sets the tone for our fellowship with praise for The Almighty. After we have come before the Lord with praise, we will spend time in prayer. This prayer time is more than just a few flowery phrases, it is a time for us to fall before our Creator and thank Him for His blessings, and seek His guidance and healing in our lives. We will bring specific needs before the Lord at this time and lay hands on those who come before the Lord. Our Senior Pastor, Roger Putman, preaches directly from the Word of God. With a focus on education, he will take the time necessary to fully explore passages of scripture and spiritual concepts in a way that will bring life to the text and clear application in your situation.

What about my children?
Children are welcome to stay with their parents during the worship service or they can enjoy our toddler or childrens church. A nursery is also available. We also have a private room for mothers, with one way glass, that will allow any privacy needed without missing out on the service. The entrance is just past the main sanctuary door on the left. Children are dismissed to their classes after worship.

Can I meet the Pastor?
You'll find that Pastor Roger is fully accessible before and after the service for any visitor to meet him. In fact, he may find you first.

I still have questions...
You'll find that this website will answer many of your questions. It explains our various ministries and outreaches. But if you still need to know something that you cannot find here, please feel free to call the Pastors of Administration, Russ and Pam Atwood at 615-323-1681 or email us at